Farm League as a name represents two metaphors, one in a more literal sense using "Farm" to resonate our passion and expertise for all things food and beverage, as well as our close relationship to our various local farms.  The second metaphor relates back to the baseball league that first coined this term as we believe that proper training is as important, if not more important, than any other variable in restaurant management and general hospitality.  To us, a venue is only as good as its weakest employee. To get a better sense of who we are and what we do, please see below as well as click on our venues and services pages as they will guide you through our current projects as well as our areas of expertise.  


Our Story

Farm League Design & Management was founded in 2014 by food & beverage industry veterans Adam Stemmler and Joel DiGiorgio.  Both founders began their careers from humble beginnings, with Stemmler starting as a teenage dishwasher before becoming an expo and food runner at one of  San Diego's most prestigious fine dining restaurants, Mr. A's.  DiGiorgio, a third generation East Bay Restaurateur, started even earlier as an adolescent busboy helping his father at their family's farm-to-table Italian restaurant in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, Ti Bacio.  From there, both DiGiorgio and Stemmler ran the gamut of industry positions, with Stemmler focusing on the proprietor and operations side and DiGiorgio going the supplier route, managing and launching new craft breweries and distilleries throughout the state and country.  For Farm League specifically, Stemmler now oversees operations at the various Farm League venues while DiGiorgio focuses more on design and construction management, as well as new business opportunities and branding.